A message from... Earl Hamner
The house where we lived fell into disrepair for a while,
but happily it was bought by someone I respect and admire and am most grateful to,
a fellow Virginian,
She has restored the house from top to bottom.
I was afraid that when I visited there after the restoration I might be
 disappointed but Pam has paid such incredible attention to detail that when I was there
 a couple of weeks ago I walked through the door and I was home again.
Drawing by the late Marion Hamner Hawkes (Mary Ellen)
author of Mary Ellen's Recipes
In memory I go there each night, I stand beside the gate, look up to the house,
and once again I here the voices of my mother and father, my brothers and sisters
as we call goodnight to each other before we sleep.
The End...Earl Hamner
The Historic boyhood Home of Earl Hamner (John-Boy)
Creator of The Walton's & Falcon Crest

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